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Ride Hailing, Car Sharing, Leasing

Car insurance for owners and professional drivers can often be complicated to buy and not available when and how you want it.
When you are leasing or buying a car you have to stop the purchase process and go off on a hunt for the right insurance. Entering and re-entering your details and the cars details many times. Our solutions work with the data the leasing company has already collected and knows about the car to give you an instant quote with one click when you are viewing your car so you can buy in confidence.
Ride Hailing and Car Sharing Platforms are great opportunities to earn money but the cost of insurance can be off putting. Buying upfront. Having to prove you have insurance. We are building products that allow the professional driver, the passengers and the Platform operators to benefit from a by the mile/kilometre insurance. All parties involved can rest assured that the journey is fully covered. No annual cover, proof of insurance on the phone, cover for the actual time working.

Ride Hailing Car Sharing

Handyman, Cleaner, Builder

Building trust between a cleaner or builder and a customer is tough at the best of times, doing this through a platform requires new tools. We have a program for these platform businesses that underlines the trust in the platform without undermining the relationship between the two parties through the platform. We call it a Guarantee.
Many household policies do not cover the owners or renters when they have a cleaner in or a builder in for certain claims. When even small things happen it causes friction between the customer and the professional and the platform. Many claims when doing this work fall well under the large excesses that most insurance comes with, this means that the professionals and or the platform end up negotiating settlements with the customer with a majority of this coming from their own pockets.
Our Guarantee covers even the smallest claim and underpin the Platforms trust in the professional and give piece of mind to their Customers.

Handyman, Cleaner

Art by the Month, Assets by the month, day or week

More and more people want Art and other assets for short periods to try, special occasions, for events or just to keep their home or office changing without the cost of buying. Our scheme covers the art for the complete period and allows clients to feel confident to get the right piece of art without the worry. The platform can cover their complete stock by use from the time it leaves the stock room, all though the hire period and then back to the stock room. The artist is happy, the platform is ecstatic and the client can focus on enjoy the art.

There is no need to inform existing home insurers or pay excesses. No additional cover during delivery and hanging processes. It’s all bundled in.

Art by the Month

Host cover 

The sharing economy has and is opening many new opportunities and none more exciting than renting out your prized asset and earning a nice income. Platforms a sprouting up and there are more opportunities and customers that want the ‘real’ experience of living in a locals home and community.
Then it goes wrong, there is a small breakage, a fire, theft, someone holds a party. These events are well covered in the press and many household policies do not cover renting or sharing out your room or house on a casual basis. The platforms will help but they can be very exposed to an increasing number of claims or even a large event that spirals out of control.
We have a program specifically designed to work with both sides of the platform and the platform business itself. The program covers all key events and small and large claims alike and is designed for the new economy being priced by the day / night to work hand in glove with this new way of earning income from what is most people’s largest asset.

Host cover

Gig Economy - Gig worker

You have three clients and they all want different insurance limits or you are just getting into the new Gig economy and your client wants to know if you have insurance. What do you do? You must buy an annual PI policy to cover the largest limit or you lose the work. Now you are stuck with buying a policy for what is just 3 weeks work. Great business but the cost of the policy takes the shine off things.

Working with the platforms and the professionals we have a product that works with you. Works the way the new economy works, by the hour, by the day, by the week, by Gig. You can buy the right policy to cover the work you are doing and for the time you are doing it.

Gig Economy Worker

Supply Chain - products being shipped and received

For the small business buying supplies overseas is a risk. Will they arrive? Will they be damaged? Will they be lost? And then proving all this, who’s fault? Traditionally SME’s buy a marine policy covering the year and this is the best they can do. These policies cover the goods whilst in transit. But what about the whole risk – end to end – from order to arrival? Fire at the supplier factory, damage to and from the port? And what if you only order a few times a year or just once?

Our policy is per order. Its designed to cover from the time the order is placed up to receiving the goods. If there is a problem, its specific to the order and is easier to sort out he claim as its end to end – you are covered.

Supply Chain


Friendly Support

We try to understand your business and will always listen to you and mirror your requirements. Partnership and working together is important to us and we hope our clients too.

NoQuibbles™ Claims

Buying an insurance product is always easy. Getting a claim paid is often hard. Quibbles and hassles come can standard with many brokers and insurers. We have developed our NoQuibbles™ approach to give a better service to your customers.

Get Started

Not sure how to start? Is Micro Insurance for you? We are always happy to discuss a Proof of Concept, to work out if we fit with you before we get stuck in.

One Stop Shop

Your company is growing fast, launched in San Francisco, picked up in New York and before you know it you have customers in London, Sydney, Mumbai and Cape Town. Insurance is important to you and we are here to build global programs with you.

Global Capability

We have over 80 countries covered with 10,000+ brokers. We are on every continent and we are committed to supporting our clients when and where they have customers.

Insurance with an API

Working with normal brokers and insurers can be frustrating, they don’t have technology and they don’t understand straight through processing. We do and we are investing in technology constantly. Our policies come with an API – (Application Programming Interface - a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service)

Platform for Platform Businesses

We are focused on technology companies and work with platform businesses to bring insurance business models around to this new way of working. Insurance fitted to the new business models.

Understandable Terms

Always a challenge. We strive to make our insurance terms easy to understand and to be as transparent as possible.


NoQuibbles™ Claims Process

NoQuibbles™ claim process can only be found on our site and through our products. Our products are designed to give the customer a NoQuibbles™ approach to claims settlement. If the claim is correct, the policy in place, the cover purchased then the payment will be made, NoQuibbles™, quickly and efficiently.