How it works

With insurance, your biggest competitor is apathy.

Every step of our process is designed to simplify and remove friction for your end users.

Simple & Easy

Simple & easy to understand insurance products

  • Relevant to your customers' unique needs
  • No sneaky exclusions
  • No unnecessary add-ons
Simple & Easy

Low-friction opt-in for end users

  • Integrated into your service
  • Use customer data you already have
  • Reach users in-app, or over SMS/Facebook/WhatsApp/e-mail
Simple & Easy

Simple payment methods that work for your users

  • Take payments automatically from users' account, wallet, airtime
  • Support micro-payments in daily/weekly increments

Getting set up

Quick, easy integration with your product or platform

Work with us to design a Relevant insurance product

Embed in your system

Customer buys and gets payouts in seconds

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Income insurance made simple for farmers

Claims paid in 5 days, down from 30+

Over $500,000 paid out in claims annually

Over 1.2M lives covered


Automated claims processing

Led by powerful AI. Backed by human agents

Communicate with your users

Reach your users instantly through their preferred channelss

Automated event detection

Connected to APIs from weather data, travel providers

Hey Rick

There's a storm coming.
Would you like to renew your last year's policy?


Okay, we'are processing that for you now...

Great, we've got you Covered!

Automated claims assessment

Claims assessed using AI and fraud detection algorithms

Automated payment

Clear claims paid automatically

Looks like your area was hit by the storm.
Would you like to claim?


Okay, We're processing that for you now...

Great news, your money is in your account now!

We have a dedicated call center for cases that require personal touch.

Our technology

Powered by industry-leading technologies

Our technology works off-the-shelf in a broad range of cases. And we’ll tailor it to your specific needs

  • AI
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Process Automation
  • data analytics
  • OCR
  • Fraud detection